Who is it?

Sharon Lechter

What was this episode about? 

Sharon Lechter may be best known as the co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and for the 10+ years she lead the Rich Dad Company to international fame as their CEO.

She is also the author of 26 books, the creator of Thrive Time For Teens, which is a board game that teaches financial literacy and the power of making good decisions through experiential learning.

Sharon has made a lot of impact and continues to do so in the financial and entrepreneurial spaces, and in today’s episode, she shares her experience and some of the lessons that she has learned in her journey.

She and I discuss the importance of financial literacy, growing a successful business, advice for young entrepreneurs before they get into partnerships, picking yourself up from business mistakes, and much more.

Join in the conversation and learn valuable insights on entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

“You either control your money, or your money controls you. There’s nothing in between.” Sharon Lechter

Key Takeaways

  • Sharon’s entrepreneurial background (01:15)
  • Co-Authoring Rich Dad, Poor Dad and other best-sellers (03:22)
  • The 6 Ps of moving from self-employed to a business owner (09:57)
  • Why all entrepreneurs should have mentors (12:27)
  • Sharon’s experience and lessons for partnerships (13:28)
  • Advising two US presidents on financial literacy (16:53)
  • You control your money, or your money controls you (17:45)
  • Failure is an occurrence, not a definition (21:29)
  • Have you added value to someone’s life today? (26:05)

Additional Resources

Sharon’s website: https://sharonlechter.com/

Sharon’s Ranch: https://cherrycreeklodge.com/

Follow Sharon on Twitter: @sharonlechter

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @bizninja