Who is it?

Elijah Desmond

What was this episode about? 

My guest this week is a ball of energy. He is naturally gifted in engaging a crowd of people with his unique emceeing and deejaying skills. It doesn’t matter if it is an audience of professional people, corporate events, or high school students.

He started as a motivational speaker at the age of 15 and since then has gone on and started more than 20 businesses, most of them in the dental industry.

Smiles at Sea, an international dental conference on a cruise ship, is one of the businesses. He believes the best kind of learning happens in a fun-filled environment.

Having been involved in hundreds of events as an emcee and a deejay, he is now involved in planning these events as a business. He hosts events from all over the world for all types of professions.

His entrepreneurial acumen, high energy, and doing things that make him happy sets him apart.

Besides entrepreneurship, he is passionate about helping the youth through his nonprofit called Beyond the Game, where he does motivational speaking for high schoolers.

His journey and his story on how he grew to become a serial entrepreneur, DJ, Emcee, motivational speaker, philanthropist, innovator, and author is inspiring as well as his advice to any struggling entrepreneur out there.

Tune in and be inspired!

Key Takeaways

– The first moment Elijah realized he was an entrepreneur (01:40)

– From a dental hygienist to starting over 20 businesses (04:18)

– Building a quality team for your business (09:30)

– Advice for people making the jump from employee to a business owner (11:08)

– How to figure out a business has run its course (13:30)

– Finding your why (17:06)

– What’s on the horizon for Elijah (18:08)

– Advice for struggling entrepreneurs (21:38)

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