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Jake Rosenburg

What was this episode about? 

In the world of skincare, there has long been a focus on catering to the needs of women, leaving a gap in the market for a brand that understands and addresses men’s unique skincare requirements.

Krete, founded by entrepreneur Jake Rosenburg, emerged as the solution to this problem.

Inspired by his own journey to find effective skincare solutions after a ski accident left him with a noticeable scar on his face, Jake set out to create a brand that revolutionizes men’s skincare by offering simple, quick, and effective products.

Identifying the Gap in the Market

Jake Rosenburg’s entrepreneurial journey began when he realized the existing skincare market fell short of providing practical and effective solutions for men. After his ski accident, he discovered a lack of products specifically designed to address men’s skincare needs. 

Determined to bridge this gap, Jake embarked on a mission to develop a brand that catered specifically to men and their unique requirements.

As an entrepreneur, Jake understood the importance of gaining expertise in various aspects of running a successful e-commerce skincare business. He dedicated himself to learning every facet, from product development and supply-chain management to digital marketing. By honing his skills, Jake positioned himself to create a brand that offered exceptional products and possessed a strong foundation for growth and scalability.

Growing and Scaling a Skincare Brand

Krete quickly gained traction and profitability with its flagship product thanks to its commitment to providing quick and hassle-free solutions. Staying true to their vision, every product created by Krete takes less than 30 seconds to use. By focusing on simplicity and effectiveness, Jake and his team disrupted the conventional approach to skincare for men, ensuring that the brand stands out in a crowded market.

In this episode, Jake shares some important entrepreneurial lessons he has picked along the journey and advice for entrepreneurs in the physical product space. Tune in!

Key Takeaways

– Meet Jake Rosenburg (00:35)

– Jake’s entrepreneurial journey (01:52)

– Challenges in the physical product space (06:50)

– Advice for entrepreneurs in the physical product and ecommerce space (08:46)

– How to generate and test new creatives (10:43)

– Getting out of the comfort zone to scale a business (14:53)

– 3 major hurdles in ecommerce (19:25)

– Why you need to become more agile for growth (23:06)

– What’s on Jake’s Personal bucket list (26:43)

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