Who is it?

Dr. Len Tau

What was this episode about? 

Dr. Len Tau is warmly referred to as the reviews doctor because of his dedication to helping other dentists improve their businesses through reputation management and the power of online reviews.

Online reviews greatly influence modern consumer spending habits. These reviews determine your business’s reputation and whether people can trust you.

Patients will look at a dentist’s online reviews before deciding if they will go or take their kid there. Unfortunately, some of these things are not taught in dental school for many dentists.

The Intersection of Business and Professionalism

The majority of dentists and other professionals are not very good entrepreneurs and would rather focus on the clinical side. But the reality is that you can be the best clinician in town, but nobody knows you exist.

The aversion of some professional people to critical aspects of running a business, such as marketing and sales, comes from outdated thinking that it somehow degrades their practice and their profession.

If your goal is to help people, there must be a healthy intersection between running a professional practice and being a good business person. 

Dr. Tau helps other dentists get more and better reviews to expand their online footprints to make them more visible and attract more patients.

His advice on online reviews also applies to other entrepreneurs, so tune in and learn how to attract more customers through the power of the online review.

Key Takeaways

– When Len first realized he was an entrepreneur (01:31)

– The intersection between business and professionalism (06:00)

– The state of mental health in dentistry (08:12)

– Negative reviews are not your identity (12:36)

– Everything around the consumer revolves around reviews (13:42)

– Create raving customers for your business (14:43)

– Do what you only enjoy (19:25)

– Helping consumers through your marketing (24:51)

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