It’s been 14 years since I sat down behind the microphone in the NBC News Radio booth and went live on air for the first time.

There’s nothing quite like the energy a live broadcast brings.

I stumbled over my words and struggled to fill the air time.

But a show format emerged over the coming weeks.

The hour long show went like this:

1. Intro and business success story of the week.
2. Commercial Break
3. Interview an Entrepreneur
4. Commercial break
5. Interview another Entrepreneur
6. Commercial Break
7. Show wrap up

My bumper music out was Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes as performed by the USC Marching Band.

My bumper music in was the USC theme song as performed by the USC Marching Band.

I met some amazing entrepreneurs in those first couple years and I’m honored that many of them have become friends.

The show is shorter now and really just the 3rd and 4th segments.

I interview entrepreneurs because I love the courage and resiliency I get to hear in their stories.

Season 14 is coming and I’ve already got some great episodes in the can.

Now, go out and do something.