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Roland Frasier


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In this episode, Tyler interviews Roland Frasier, a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, CEO of War Room Mastermind, Principal/Founder of Traffic & Conversion Summit, and Strategic Investor.

People often say, “the man who chases two rabbits catches none,” but Roland proves it wrong as he is successful running multiple businesses simultaneously. He adds value and helps build companies, customer experiences, revenue, and profits.

What more? He’s into partnership businesses and has a program for like-minded entrepreneurs. Stay tuned as Roland talks partnerships, masterminds, and focusing on your top skills can help you succeed.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Who is Roland Fraiser (00:58)
  • An Entrepreneur Attorney (01:47)
  • Business partnership (05:10)
  • A partnership agreement must be clear (08:00)
  • “Chase two rabbits catches none” (10:47)
  • The favorite business that didn’t succeed (13:08)
  • Advice to entrepreneurs (17:18)
  • Things to watch out from Roland (20:07)
  • Benefits with a business advisor (27:48)
  • The power of masterminds for entrepreneurs (28:42)
  • Mini mastermind on Antarctica trip (31:37)

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September 7, 2020