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Jake Berton


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In this episode of BizNinja Entrepreneur Radio, Jake Berton had the idea to make affordable floating sunglasses so that water lovers would protect their eyes on the water. Now a seven-figure business Rheos is growing while still giving back to the community.


Jake Berton began his entrepreneurial career by starting a digital marketing agency after college. Because they had freedom in their schedule, he and his wife decided to renovate an Airstream and travel around the country. They spent a lot of time out on the water, where Jake would often lose his sunglasses. His wife joked that it was their highest expense which sparked the idea to make a product that solved this issue.


Eventually, they expanded into innovating a lens that would better protect the eyes while keeping it at an affordable price point. The business grew rapidly as they built out their team and processes. Rheos Gear is a great case study into launching a community-based product. Jake offers plenty of great advice for other entrepreneurs looking to define their niche and build a sustainable and profitable brand.

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Key Takeaways


  • Starting out as an entrepreneur (1:50)
  • The moment when Jake realized he had a real business opportunity (4:49)
  • Lessons learned from the initial launch (6:00)
  • Upcoming growth within the business (11:56)
  • Importance of building processes (15:00)
  • Coming up with an innovative product (17:05)
  • Big goals for the company (21:00)
  • Jake’s personal goals for the upcoming year (22:30)


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When did this episode air?

August 10, 2020