Who is it?

Craig Wolfe


What was this episode about?

In this episode, the inventor of CelebriDucks Craig Wolfe joins me to talk about how he turned a classic toy into a modern sensation. He turned the bath time rubber duck into celebrity look-alikes.

Craig always had an interest in animation. His first business, Name That Tune, was centered around taking ordinary cartoon characters or product mascots and animating them as marketing materials. Soon his animation niche turned solely to rubber ducks – a move that would connect him with dozens of celebrities and huge corporations interested in his work.

Craig shares the story of his first personalized duck Betty Boop and how his design process improved over the years. He went from customizing the duck to look just like the celebrity to embracing the classic yellow look and giving the duck qualities of the celebrity.

Craig talks us through his business plan and how he brought the production of rubber ducks back to America while producing a duck designed to be safe for teething children. Listen and hear how the do-it-yourself entrepreneur made more than bath time so much fun.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction of guest, Craig Wolfe (0:54)
  • First company Name That Tune (2:03)
  • The idea for CelebriDucks (2:37)
  • First sale for CeleDriducks (3:15)
  • Took a risk to become an all duck business (5:44)
  • First hurdle and finding their look (7:10)
  • Wanted to get into stores, but the style is moving online (8:31)
  • Invention and creation of The Good Duck and how he brought production back to America(10:10)
  • The debate over President Trump Duck (14:39)
  • Advice to entrepreneurs (17:02)
  • What is next for CelebriDucks (23:34)

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Check out CelebriDucks here


When did this episode air?

June 22, 2020