Who is it?

David Tobin from Audiojack.com


What was this episode about?

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to David Tobin, the creator, founder, and CEO of Audiojack, a company that creates audio-based movies with no words, no video, and no music. An Audiojack is made up of hundreds of sounds that are edited together to tell a story for our imagination.


Different people create different narratives based on what they hear, and, as you’ll hear, that has been proven to be very healthy especially from a mental health standpoint.


Key Topics Discussed:


    • Audiojack: Imagining your own story (00:45)
    • The inspiration behind Audiojack (01:55)
    • Making a difference in the world (02:56)
    • Challenges in distribution and monetization (04:12)
    • Benefits of increased imagination (06:23)
    • Advanced problem solving skills and creativity (08:09)
    • Impactful use cases of Audiojack (09:22)
    • Gaining acceptance in the market (11:33)
    • Actionable advice for content creators (16:01)
    • Venturing into the augmented reality space (18:36)
    • Working in the education and health spaces (19:23)


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    Where can I find out more?

    Learn more about the content discussed in this episode by visiting David’s site at www.audiojack.com

    When did this episode air?

    April 15, 2019