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Myron Golden


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In this episode of BizNinja Entrepreneur Radio, Myron Golden shares valuable insights into how anxiety is the thief of our dreams and what every entrepreneur should do to immediately impact their business. He is the founder and CEO of Golden Enterprises.


Myron was an entrepreneur before he even realized it. His first experience with entrepreneurship came in the form of him buying a car to drive during the summer while he was a college student. He bought it for $50 and by the end of the summer sold it for $300.


He got started in his first official, professional entrepreneurial endeavor in 1985 where he was recruited to sell insurance and investments for a financial services company. There he learned some critically valuable lessons with the first being the willingness to be bad until you get good and to stop working for money. Today, he is sharing with us a treasure trove of useful knowledge he has learned along the way.  


Key Takeaways


  • Myron first realizes he is an entrepreneur (1:58)
  • First official professional entrepreneurial endeavor (3:03)
  • An identity shift (7:06)
  • Ethical sales (9:09)
  • The thief of your dreams  (11:06)
  • Develop a new discipline (14:35)
  • His transformational moment (17:55)
  • Why people buy from you (21:22)
  • All principles work the same for everyone (24:40)


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When did this episode air?

July 27, 2020