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Lyann Nguyen


What was this episode about?

Lyann takes us through her background and how she got to become a credit ninja. It is an amazing story of how she came back from the worst period in her life where her business collapsed, her house was being foreclosed, and lawsuits. Her credit score was hurt but she damaged but she worked on it successfully and started helping other entrepreneurs in a similar situation.

Entrepreneurs need to take action immediately after getting bad credit or filing for bankruptcy. You don’t have to wait for seven or ten years. You need to start building back credit and adding positive items. 

We go through a number of credit tips with the credit expert. She shares some insightful tips including maintaining multiple credit cards, having a good credit score for entrepreneurs, auditing your credit situation, and many others.

Tune to hear more about credit from the Ninja herself and get more credit tips on how to improve your credit score and leverage credit cards to grow your business, earn financial freedom, and travel the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Building your credit after a devasting market crash (02:11)
  • Taking action immediately after getting bad credit or bankruptcy (08:26)
  • Why debt is good for you and your business (09:31)
  • Maintaining multiple credit cards to have business relationships with different institutions (10:30)
  • How to organize your credit cards and credit position in a spreadsheet (15:56)
  • How entrepreneurs can grow their personal, business and corporate credit files to increase their credit limits (18:24)

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May 4, 2020