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Joshua Jacobs

What was this episode about?

A cocktail subscription box service sounds like an awesome and profitable business idea, right? Delivering spirits to people’s homes with instructions on how to prepare their cocktails is fund and lucrative. Especially since alcohol consumption rose during the pandemic.

Joshua Jacobs would agree. After all, he created a service like that. However, Josh had a bigger vision.

In 2015, Josh with a couple of friends launched Speakeasy Co. They got their start as a cocktail subscription service. They doubled up their subscribers monthly during the first 6 months. By 2018, they were also selling craft spirits through their website.

That’s when Josh saw an opportunity to help alcohol brands start selling directly to the consumers and explore the B2B sector.

Listen as we discuss how a relatively simple business idea evolved into a market powerhouse that helped Elon Musk launch Tesla Tequila, which sold out in just a couple of hours.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • When did Joshua Jacobs get his start as an entrepreneur (01:06)
  • How did Josh and his team come up with the idea for Speakeasy (3:26)
  • The early days of Speakeasy as a subscription service (6:45)
  • How Speakeasy started evolving into a B2B company (10:45)
  • Working with Tesla and helping brands launch their liquor (16:06)
  • Doing promotional deals and working with micro-influencers (21:17)
  • One item on Josh’s bucket list he’s going to accomplish in the next 12 months (25:12)

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