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Jeremy Johnston

What was this episode about? 

This week on the show, we have Jeremy Johnston, a lawyer, entrepreneur, producer, and the Dad at the popular family vlogging channel, J House Vlogs.

To date, the channel has over 2.5 million subscribers and over 3 billion views – very impressive for a family vlog.

He shares his story and lessons he has picked through his 8-year vlogging journey, mistakes he has made, and the advice has for aspiring YouTubers and brands looking for influencers.

Most of these lessons transcend YouTube and apply to other entrepreneurial fields. One of them is staying motivated and consistent in what you are doing in the early days. 

In the case of a YouTube channel, the first days can be disheartening because there are no views. But if you remain consistent, the snowball effect takes over. This applies to other business ventures as well.

But besides the business lessons, I am sure you’d want to know how Jeremy and his family managed to hack through the very competitive family vlogging niche on YouTube.

Stay tuned as Jeremy REVEALS the STRATEGIES that catapulted some of their earlier videos to huge number of views and the entrepreneurship lessons we can pick from these strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Are YouTubers entrepreneurs (01:05)
  • How to stay motivated while creating content (04:53)
  • Challenges of vlogging as a family (10:33)
  • Balancing privacy and transparency (15:44)
  • The entrepreneurial side of YouTube (17:39)
  • The burden of success (18:51)
  • Advice for brands who want to work with YouTubers (22:18)
  • Advice for YouTubers (25:37)
  • What’s on Jeremy’s personal bucket list (27:46)

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