Who is it?

Wendy Conklin

What was this episode about? 

Today on the show, we have a former teacher turned boutique chair designer turned online educator. 

Wendy teaches how to create whimsical custom chairs – and makes a lot of money in the process.

She has made well over a million dollars in 3 years selling online courses.

She is also an award-winning author and speaker passionate about helping people live creatively, whether as a hobby or a business. 

Everything she does at Chair Whimsy is to help people live a more inspired and joyful life.

In this episode, she shares her journey to entrepreneurship, what made her so successful, and the challenges she had to overcome. 

Tune in to hear her story!

Key Takeaways

  • Wendy’s story of how she become an entrepreneur (00:50)
  • What Chair Whimsy is all about (02:27)
  • The emotional side of design (06:41)
  • You are not charging enough for your creative work (09:10)
  • Importance of having a business coach (14:16)
  • Teaching other people through courses (18:12)
  • Selling over a million dollars with courses in 3 years (20:39)
  • How Wendy overcame challenges (25:20)
  • What’s on Wendy’s personal bucket list (27:14)

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