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The Journey of the Fitness Entrepreneur

My guest today is Vince DelMonte. He’s been in internet marketing a long time and is very successful in the fitness space. He’s here to share with us today his journey to success. He wants others to understand how to take advantage of the opportunities available.


[0:35] Have Passion for What You’re Doing

Vince launched his first e-book in May 2006. Long before many people even knew these existed. He hired a coach from an internet marketing center in October 2005. It took him 6 months to launch his product and make his first sale. When he first mentioned the niche he wanted to target, he was told it’s too competitive to enter.

He went into the fitness industry with a drive of being the best. Fitness people are like collectors. In the sense that they want to learn from different people. Trying new programs brings excitement to people in this space. Even though there are many people in the market already there’s still room for new people to be successful.

It’s important to add your own spin on things. Most people will move more towards different, yet familiar. Add your voice to your brand and understand how you can solve peoples’ problems. It all beings with your mindset.

You must be willing to do your passion for the rest of your life for free. Do it because you’re passionate about it. Ask yourself if you’re able to see yourself doing this 10 or 15 years down the road. Doing something you’re passionate about gets you excited. It makes it entertaining for people. Those who are being successful are the ones who can engage and entertain people.

There are many different platforms right now to reach people. Those who can tell a story about themselves or the people they’re helping will inspire others to join you. You need people to love you and not like you. This is key to doing very well right now. There needs to be a “why” to what you’re doing and understanding it also.


[07:34] The Guarantee in Fitness and Business

Vince’s goal at the start was to cover his expenses. He wanted a guarantee from his coach that he’d be able to do this. The only guarantee that Vince was able to receive is that there are no guarantees. His coach was able to guarantee the amount of time he’d be able to provide Vince. He couldn’t can’t guarantee how much time Vince would put in. People need to put in their own time to be successful. The more time you put in, the more successful you’ll become.

After 6 months Vince got his first sale, from his mother. Two weeks later he got another sale, from a friend at his gym. He began to realize this journey wasn’t going to be easy. His first year online he was still working 40 hours a week at a gym. The next year he made $101,000 through his online business. He attended an event where he found himself surrounded by successful people. This gave him the inspiration he needed to continue his growth. It also brought pressure.

Pressure can kill you or heal you. It’s important to know where your pressure is coming from. Don’t put yourself in a position where you find yourself in a non-calculated risk situation. Take your time through growth. Have the patience to get to your goal. It’s not a failure if you don’t get there too fast.


[14:37] Use Fitness to Work-Out Your Mind

Vince’s podcast “The Vince DelMonte Podcast Show” is based on the 5 “M’s” of manhood. No matter how you define a “real man”, his podcast defines it for you. He asks the question what does it mean to be the best version of you? The show helps men develop their muscle, mindset, money, clarity, and their marriage.

Vince started as a skinny guy who wanted to build muscle. He had self-esteem and insecurity issues that he thought the muscle would hide. While he didn’t gain a ton of muscle he was able to build a successful online brand on how to build your muscle. This gave him the confidence to expand his mind.

His mindset began to look for ways to monetize his passions. He began to look at life with an open mind. He soon realized there’s more opportunity today to make money than any other time. He didn’t let his ego get in the way. Most people in this space won’t go to coaches themselves due to fear. They fear of being vulnerable and discredited which isn’t the case.


[20:01] Learning is Not Failure. Ask for Help Where You Need It.

Know what your brand is. Vince’s brand is evolution. It’s based on evolving. To get ahead you need to invest in yourself. You can’t preach your message if you’re not investing in yourself. When people see that you’re investing in other people they see you as a bridge. You’re looked at as someone who can give knowledge to them that they may not have been able to receive from the source.

Take time to learn. If you can’t afford to learn from the source, find someone who has the same knowledge that you can afford. It’s important to learn from other people’s successes and failures. Those who aren’t willing to learn won’t go very far. Admit to yourself when you don’t know something and ask for help when you need it.


[24:14] Be Supported

You need people in your life who see more potential in you than you see in yourself. Most people don’t have someone in their life to give them permission to reach their potential. It’s common to need someone who can push us to think and act bigger. Shift your mindset from self-employed to business owner. Your business should grow without you if needed.


[27:02] Build Your Mission with You in Mind

Your mission is built on who you are and what separates you from others. Vince’s family, faith, and journey are what sets him apart. People need to know why you do what you do. It helps create that connection with people. He wants to inspire men to become a “real man”. There’s many people who can inspire other people. It’s his passion and method that has brought him success.

Project your beliefs without telling people but showing them. Live what you believe. When Vince first started in fitness it forced him to stay in shape. To live what he believed, he had to continue his fitness journey. He used his business to help keep himself accountable in his life.


[33:22] Vince’s Bucket List Item

Vince wants to launch the first M5 mastermind. It will be 12 months long and it will be for men who want to be connected with other men. He wants to launch a community of boys who want to become men. Bringing them together and inspiring them. This gives them the connection they need will help them live out the 5 “M’s” of manhood.


Episode Outline


Introduction: The Journey of the Fitness Entrepreneur

[0:35] Have Passion for What You’re Doing
[07:34] The Guarantee in Fitness and Business
14:37] Use Fitness to Work-Out Your Mind
[20:01] Learning is Not Failure. Learn to Ask for Help.
[24:14] Be Supported
[27:02] Build Your Mission with You in Mind
[33:22] Vince’s Bucket List Item




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