Episode Summary

I talk to Naughty by Nature’s Vin Rock. We discuss the challenges of staying relevant, growing, and leveraging ecommerce to sell merch directly to the fans.

Who is it?

Vinnie Brown, better known as Vin Rock.

What was this episode about?

Usually, my gusts are straightforward businesspeople. But today, my guest is a little bit different. Well, not completely different, since the music business is still a business.

Naughty by Nature has been doing music for 30 years, the group has sold millions of records, and has won the first-ever Grammy Award for the “Best Rap Album.”

My guest today is one-third of the award-winning group, Vinnie Brown, better known as Vin Rock.

We discuss the origins of Naughty by Nature, having a website in the 90s, merchandising, celebrating their 30th anniversary, and how ecommerce and VR helped them connect with their fans on a deeper level.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • How Naughty by Nature started, first contracts, and merchandising (01:34)
  • Branding, being innovative, and filming a 30th-anniversary documentary (04:20)
  • Being involved in Virtual Reality and using it for fan engagement (08:25)
  • Importance of licensing and how it can help you connect with consumers (11:43)
  • What Vin has to say to people just starting in business and music (17:23)
  • How to focus on a long-term plan without your ego getting in the way (22:05)
  • Coming back to your hometown and participating in local politics (23:09)
  • What’s one bucket list item Vinnie plans on accomplishing in the 12 months (26:06)

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