Who is it?

Joshua Koerpel


What was this episode about?

This week, I have a special episode for you all. I’m sharing what I love about e-commerce with an interview with a good friend of mine. Joshua Koerpel and I met a couple of years ago while in Barcelona. 

Josh interviewed me for his Fire Builders Live. It’s a really cool live show where he talks about building momentum in your business and what strategies work for those various businesses!

I share what inspired and drove me to reach new heights in my own business and exactly why I love dropshipping so much. We also chat about the importance of showing off your humanness to customers. It is the single driving force to having success in business.

Finally, we covered why it’s essential to hone in on what you’re good at. Leaning into your skills leads to a sense of freedom in your business. And isn’t that why you started it in the first place?

Key Takeaways

  • What inspired Tyler to push forward in business (04:40)
  • Why Tyler loves dropshipping (07:20)
  • Humanize your business (15:00)
  • Tyler’s expectation for running ads (21:00)
  • Discover what you’re really good at (24:45)
  • The point of building a business(25:50)


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When did this episode air?

December 28, 2020