Who is it?

Tyler Jorgenson


What was this episode about?

This week, I’m sharing an interview I did with Ramon Ray on Smart Hustle Media, where I shared my top tips for new business owners to kickstart their growth. 

Ramon and I talked about some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years as a radio host and my own experiences as an entrepreneur. I offered my advice for new entrepreneurs looking to make their mark and explained what they need to focus on and why. 

And finally, we covered the first things you should do as a new business owner and some long-lasting insights to carry with you on your journey. It was a fun opportunity to share my own story and the strategies I’ve implemented to grow my businesses!

Key Takeaways


  • What Tyler has learned from podcasting (03:00)
  • Who his agency helps (05:50)
  • When should someone outsource? (08:20)
  • Do this when starting a business (10:30)
  • The process flow of the agency (16:12)
  • Tyler’s entrepreneurial story (18:15)
  • His advice for new entrepreneurs (20:10)


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When did this episode air?

October 19, 2020