Who is it?

Tyler Jorgenson

What was this episode about? 

Back in 2011, the Biz Ninja Show came to life. A Southern California NBC News affiliate asked me to create a show on the topic of small business and entrepreneurship. Since then, I have interviewed over 700 amazing entrepreneurs. 

Today the show airs on ABC News KMET-1490AM in California on Sunday morning, then releases on podcast platforms and YouTube on Monday morning.   

To celebrate this milestone, I share my experiences over the years as an entrepreneur and reflections of my entrepreneur guests who have come to the show. 

To start off, a few of my friends sent in some questions, which I answered, and then I went back to my notes from the interviews and picked some of the most profound entrepreneurial lessons. 

The main reason I created this show was so that I would be able to learn from these successful entrepreneurs and also share with other people what I learned. 

But there was another reason, which most of you probably don’t know. I had invested in real estate during the last recession and lost everything. This was a hard time, so I wanted a way to connect with fellow entrepreneurs. Insights from these entrepreneurs have definitely been of great help, and I hope you find them useful too. 

Tune in to this special episode and stay tuned for more exciting episodes lined up.

Key Takeaways

  • The 3 most important habits of successful entrepreneurs (01:04)
  • Balancing creativity and admin stuff (05:05)
  • How to hack online selling (06:43)
  • The one concept all entrepreneurs should learn (08:12)
  • Being better is not enough if people don’t know about it (10:29)
  • How Tyler’s worldview was shaped (16:04)
  • Reflections from talking to over 700 entrepreneurs (20:18)
  • Take imperfect action now to move forward (24:14)
  • Don’t chase 2 rabbits (26:28)

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