Who is it?

Trey Lewellen, eCommerce expert


What was this episode about?

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to Trey Lewellen, a revolutionary in ClickFunnel creation. Trey moved from being an insurance agent earning $60,000 a year to owning an eCommerce business that generated over $20 million in sales last year.

Trey comes on the show to share some of his genius ClickFunnel creation strategies and talk about the do’s and dont’s in online business. You won’t wanna miss this one.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Learning funnel and lead creation (02:55)
  • Stepping up into physical products (04:26)
  • From $5k to $30k in 30 days (10:08)
  • Learning from the eCommerce challenges (17:27)
  • Creating systems that cushion you (24:35)
  • Turning frustrating things into fascinating things (33:07)
  • Trey’s recommended first traffic source other than Facebook and Google (35:27)
  • The symbolism of the ka’ching license plate (37:35)
  • How to take your business to the next level (39:39)
  • Trey’s book recommendations (49:00)
  • The value of mentorship in life and business (52:14)


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When did this episode air?

May 13, 2019