Who is it?

Travis Chambers

What was this episode about? 

This week’s entrepreneur on the show is Travis Chambers – the “Henry Ford of Video Ads.” He is the founder and Chief Media Hacker at Chamber Media.

Chamber Media crafts viral videos which help brands grow fast and drive millions in sales. Travis led the content strategy for the greatest YouTube viral ad of the decade, which amassed more than 140 million views.

He shares with us his entrepreneurial journey, including some of the mistakes he made and the vital lessons he learned from them.

While most agencies are focused on the big-ticket offerings, these require a lot of trust-building in the sales process. Travis initially went with this approach but made the decision to pivot to a lower-priced offering; this was the catalyst for the success of his business.

Finally, just like we do with many entrepreneurs who come on the show, we talk about partnerships. Travis shares some cool insights on how entrepreneurs can form strategic partnerships and the pitfalls to avoid.

Tune in and get to know Travis Chambers and the business of building scalable social ads.

Key Takeaways

  • When Travis first realized he was an entrepreneur (01:10)
  • The most practical, realistic way to entrepreneurship (06:01)
  • What Chamber Media does (08:18)
  • Set ego aside to grow (09:49) 
  • The one decision that was the growth catalyst for Chamber Media (13:47)
  • High ticket offering vs. volume play (18:22)
  • What to consider before getting into a partnership (19:36)

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