Who is it?

Tommy Rodriguez

What was this episode about?

In this episode, Tyler will be chatting with Tommy Rodriguez an 8-figure entrepreneur. He is an Amazon Automation Expert, helping aspiring entrepreneurs to work smarter not harder and live the life they always dreamed of. But his journey to entrepreneurship was not easy him, he was broke and homeless when he was 17, then went on to do various types of work, including manual labor. He knew that he couldn’t go through life answering to someone else though so he took the risk to try and change his life forever.

Tommy is a paradigm of a success story. He started from the bottom and worked hard to gain financial freedom, from being broke to a millionaire by the age of 30. Do you want to do the same for your life? Listen in, as Tommy shares his journey on his way to the success of building an Amazon empire.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • The hustler’s mentality (00:36)
  • Envision, manifest and think (02:14)
  • Taking the chance (02:55)
  • The best investment (03:57)
  • Making money online (06:59)
  • The rookie marketing (08:32)
  • Teaching and coaching people (12:01)
  • The value bomb (13:52)
  • Success stories and creating life (15:28)
  • Happiness is an inside job (19:55)


Where can I find out more?

Learn more about the content discussed in this episode:

Check out his website: http://www.tommyrodriguez.com/

When did this episode air?

September 2, 2019