Who is it?

Tom Molloy

What was this episode about? 

This week, I interview Tom Malloy, co-founder of the Deuce lifestyle brand. He started Deuce Brand together with Gary Hughes, a former college football teammate.

Deuce is now being brandished by a number of the NBA’s top players, including Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, Myles Turner, Fred Van Vleet, Anthony Davis, Kelly Oubre Jr., Victor Oladipo, and Jawun Evans.

Tom and his team over at Deuce are not only creating apparel and accessories that people can wear on the court but also off the court. This has made them become one of the world’s top lifestyle and apparel brands.

One of the questions we answer in this episode is the future of retail. Having started as a retail-focused brand, the Deuce brand has now gone to be an ecommerce-focused brand.

Does it mean that retail is dead?

Tune in to find out what Tom and I think about retail, how to creatively solve cash flow problems, and how to efficiently achieve good consistency of your products.

Key Takeaways

  • Zero to seven figures in the first year (02:26)
  • The biggest thing when working with any product (03:42)
  • Should you be retail-focused vs. ecommerce focused? (07:21)
  • The future of retail (11:29)
  • How to creatively solve cash flow problems (18:07)
  • How playing team sports helps to work in a team (21:40)
  • The power of repetition for business growth (24:33)

Additional Resources

Learn more: https://www.deucebrand.com/

Follow Deuce on Instagram: @deucebrand

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