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Tim Jensen


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Building the leading brand in the veteran apparel space took more than just a good idea. It took a strong mission, a clear vision, and rock-solid values. Tim Jensen, Co-Founder of GruntStyle.com, shares what makes their brand unique and shares the lessons he’s learned along the journey.

The lifestyle brand, Grunt Style, was born out of a desire to share the patriotic values instilled during the civilian world’s enlistment. Founder Daniel Elric made it his goal to show pride for his country and himself and thought an apparel based company would be a great way to do it. 

Along the way, Tim and Daniel learned that the best companies were all about building great teams. With that insight leading their approach, they grew from five employees to one hundred within two years. 

They’ve established themselves as more than just an apparel company, but one focused on pride. To help support that mission, Grunt Style has expanded its efforts to giving back to the community. One of their most notable endeavors has been through the support of veterans affected by toxic exposure. 

Go ahead and check out this episode to learn how Grunt Style has become a leading voice!


Key Takeaways

  • How Grunt Style got started (2:03)
  • Their mission as a company (3:50)
  • Being more than just an apparel company and taking opportunities to serve (6:20)
  • The first obstacle they faced as a company (8:00)
  • How Grunt Style gives back to the community (11:45)
  • Where to go for more information about their charity involvement (16:19)
  • Advice for people just getting started in business (17:45)
  • What makes a company successful (20:02)
  • Tim’s personal goal for the next 12 months (25:23)


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How to help veterans affected by toxic exposure

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September 21, 2020