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Lana Hout and Adrianna Smith


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In this episode of BizNinja Entrepreneur Radio, Lana Hout and Adrianna Smith share their journey from USC to cushy consulting jobs and then to becoming the top female business brokers in America. They share how to get your business ready for sale and tips on navigating a partnership with your best friend.


Lana and Adrianna are total disruptors in the brokerage industry. After working together for a few years in consulting, they decided to spread their entrepreneurial wings and open a new location of a brokerage firm Adrianna’s dad worked with. They help buy and sell businesses under all industries. They became the top female brokers by taking their corporate background and professional service and applying it to the small marketplace. Lana and Adrianna noticed that most brokers were not professionally trained and really decided to market that aspect of their skillset. 


Tune into today’s episode for advice on marketing your brick and mortar store during the age of COVID as well as tips on getting your business ready to sell. Lana and Adrianna cover the top mistakes to avoid and what is essential when considering an exit. They also offer some great advice for those looking to build strong and successful business partnerships.


Key Takeaways


  • How Lana And Adrianna trailblazed a path within the brokerage industry (1:04)
  • Core things businesses need to do when considering an exit (5:20)
  • Getting a business ready for sale (9:09)
  • How they use the biz hotlist to help other entrepreneurs and business owners (12:02)
  • Advice for brick and mortar businesses regarding COVID-19 (15:56)
  • How to have a successful partnership with business partners (18:36)
  • A supplement company that they’ve helped recently (22:57)


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When did this episode air?

August 3, 2020