Who is it?

Alina Morse


What was this episode about?

In this episode, one of BizNinja’s youngest entrepreneurs, Alina Morse shows us that there is no age limit on success. At just 15 years old, she is the CEO of the million dollar company, Zolli Candy. A sugar free, all natural candy for kids and families.


The idea for the company came to Alina when she was 7 years old. Just like the typical child Alina loved candy,  but was limited to how much she could have to keep her and her teeth healthy. On a mission to eat candy carefree, Alina proposed the idea of sugar free candy to her father. She convinced him to help her begin the company and together they created something sweeter than they imagined. Zolli Candy became the number 2 best selling hard candy on Amazon and found its way into other big name stores.


To her, age is not a defining quality of success. She encourages other young entrepreneurs to work for their ideas and never stop asking questions. Her biggest piece of advice is to work hard, try, believe and never give up. You could surprise yourself with what you are capable of achieving.


Listen to this week’s episode for more on her story and how she created her business off of a sweet tooth.


Key Takeaways

  • Introduction of guest Alina Morse and her business Zolli Candy (0:45)
  • How Alina got the idea for Zolli Candy ( 2:16)
  • Tooth decay is a preventable disease, but is a growing epidemic for kids (4:27)
  • Found a manufacturing plant to create her candy (8:42)
  • Number 2 best selling hard candy on Amazon (10:41)
  • What happened when she hit a roadblock with construction of the product (11:42)
  • She was judged for being a young success (15:20)
  • Her advice for young entrepreneurs (19:37)
  • Alina’s goals for the next few years (22:34)

Want to learn more about this guest?

Shop for Zolli Candy here, https://zollicandy.myshopify.com/


When did this episode air?

May 25, 2020