Who is it?

Tanner Chidester

What was this episode about? 

Tanner Chidester isn’t your typical entrepreneur.

He is a very successful online entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs scale their businesses fast through personalized coaching.  

Having built an eight-figure business himself, he understands what others need to do to get there and shares all this knowledge and lessons he collected along the way in his program.

He first built the Fit Warrior coaching service for fitness entrepreneurs before launching Elite CEOs to help entrepreneurs in all niches.

But his journey wasn’t without challenges. He came close to quitting many times but kept going.

In this episode, he shares his story from playing Division 1 college football, failing to make it to the NFL, dropping out of college, and eventually starting his entrepreneurship journey.

It’s a fascinating story full of lessons for all Biz Ninjas out there.

Tune in!

Key Takeaways

  • When Tanner first realized he was an entrepreneur (01:55)
  • It is possible to make elite athlete money as a business owner (04:41)
  • Growing as an entrepreneur and as a human (05:24)
  • Shifting from self-employed to a business owner (07:37) 
  • The biggest mistake Tanner made in his business (09:33)
  • How Elite CEOS help other businesses grow (11:54)
  • Learning from other entrepreneurs in your own journey (12:55)
  • Work-life integration (18:08)
  • Taking massive ownership to succeed in business (21:12)
  • Success leaves clues – push through (25:26)

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