Who is it?

Steve Larsen from Sales Funnel Radio.


What was this episode about?

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to the King of Offer Creation and creator of salesfunnelbroker.com, Steve Larsen. Steve teaches people marketing strategies to grow their online businesses using today’s best internet sales funnels.


Steve has worked side by side with Russell Brunson at Click Funnels and is also the founder of Secret MLM Hacks.


Key Topics Discussed:


  • The backstory on Steve Larsen (01:15)
  • Fire in the gut to get into entrepreneurship (03:43)
  • Building the first funnels for companies (05:49)
  • The biggest takeaway from being the funnel guy at Click Funnels (07:32)
  • Irresistible offer versus product for sale (08:44)
  • Following the yellow brick road and then making a new brick (10:54)
  • Implementing continuous innovation (14:20)
  • Real effective marketing (18:33)
  • Getting better at storytelling (21:18)
  • Vulnerable means being honest in your current position (26:42)

Where can I find out more?

Learn more about the content discussed in this episode by visiting Steve’s website or following him on Instagram.

When did this episode air?

April 29, 2019