Who is it?

Shannon Roddy

What was this episode about?

In this episode, I’m sitting down to chat with Shannon Rody, an Amazon expert, who is helping entrepreneurs maximize their selling on Amazon through proven tools, strategies, resources and information that will help you learn how to effectively launch, grow and, arguably most important, protect your sales.

He is also the man behind marketplacesellercourses.com.

Shannon laid out some amazing best practices that you should start doing on your Amazon listings and account to maximize your revenues. Whether you are just getting started or even someone who’s been working for a while in the Amazon marketplace, this episode of BizNinja Radio will be very helpful for you. So, listen in and learn from the Amazon expert himself, Shannon Roddy.

Key Topics Discussed:

  •  – What is Marketplace Seller Courses? (00:34)
  •  – How Shannon found his way to Amazon as an entrepreneur  (01:08)
  •  – Common mistakes Amazon sellers are doing (04:37)
  •  – Should you sell on Amazon or not? (06:55)
  •  – Best practices for listing optimization (08:33)
  •  – Understand GS1 UPC code (10:44)
  •  – Steps in listing optimization (12:33)
  •  – What is the brand registry? (17:16)
  •  – Importance of product launch (18:44)
  • – What is cross-promotional marketing? (24:14)
  • – Things you must know in hacks and shortcuts on Amazon (26:36)


Where can I find out more?

Learn more about the content discussed in this episode:

Check out his website: https://www.marketplacesellercourses.com/

Connect with Shannon on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannon-roddy/

When did this episode air?

August 19, 2019