Who is it?

Words Taylor

What was this episode about? 

You have a great product, but you haven’t quite figured out a way to launch it to the masses‚Ķwhat do you do?

Enter Words Taylor – The Webinar Launch King

Taylor is an online marketing expert and has mastered the art of creating content that will increase engagement, build a following, and ultimately get more sales.

He helps entrepreneurs launch high ticket products and services through webinars.

In this episode, we talk about:

ūüĎČThe secret to a winning webinar

ūüĎČThe lost art of market research

ūüĎČLaunching high ticket offers

Join in the conversation as we talk all about webinars and some secrets to creating engaging content!

Key Takeaways

  • Learning from the example of his father (01:50)
  • Sunk cost fallacy- when is it time to quit (07:17)
  • Ego is expensive (10:42)
  • Launching your product/service through webinars (13:45)
  • There’s no better marketing than doing a good job (18:40)
  • The secrets to a winning webinar (22:31)
  • The lost art of market research (24:08)
  • The answer to fixing a marketing mix problem (25:14)

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