Who is it?

Words Taylor

What was this episode about? 

You have a great product, but you haven’t quite figured out a way to launch it to the masses…what do you do?

Enter Words Taylor – The Webinar Launch King

Taylor is an online marketing expert and has mastered the art of creating content that will increase engagement, build a following, and ultimately get more sales.

He helps entrepreneurs launch high ticket products and services through webinars.

In this episode, we talk about:

👉The secret to a winning webinar

👉The lost art of market research

👉Launching high ticket offers

Join in the conversation as we talk all about webinars and some secrets to creating engaging content!

Key Takeaways

  • Learning from the example of his father (01:50)
  • Sunk cost fallacy- when is it time to quit (07:17)
  • Ego is expensive (10:42)
  • Launching your product/service through webinars (13:45)
  • There’s no better marketing than doing a good job (18:40)
  • The secrets to a winning webinar (22:31)
  • The lost art of market research (24:08)
  • The answer to fixing a marketing mix problem (25:14)

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