Ryan Lee is one of the OG’s of eCommerce. He’s created multiple health and wellness brands and the ‘Netflix for family first entrepreneurs’. He gives great advice for getting started while minimizing risk.

He has been interested in entrepreneurship since the ’80s and started eventually entered the health and wellness space as a sports trainer. He was one of the first to build an online business for his sports training, and his company started to really take off.

But the success didn’t last, and after a series of difficult life events, Ryan found himself depressed and forty pounds overweight. He was at a crossroads and at that moment committed himself to take back control of his life. 

That is when he ventured into the supplement industry and began a new path in his entrepreneurial journey. Tune in as we discuss how he approaches traffic, offers advice for those wanting to get into the industry, and who he believes entrepreneurship is really for.


Key Takeaways

  • When he first realized he was an entrepreneur (01:30)
  • His first online business (04:00)
  • Taking control of his health (07:05)
  • How he approaches traffic differently (12:40)
  • Advice for those wanting to get into the supplement industry (19:30)
  • Who is entrepreneurship for? (24:20)


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Find Ryan here and be sure to check out his supplements here


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