Who is it?

Rachel Pedersen


What was this episode about?

In today’s episode, Tyler gets to interview Mrs. Pedersen — the Social Media Queen. Rachel Pedersen is an award-winning Social Media Marketer and the founder of Social Media United. She is known for being viral on purpose and reached 11.3 million people worldwide with her social media post that impact other people’s lives. 

Becoming an entrepreneur offered her the freedom to integrate things differently. She gets to spend a lot of her time with her family while helping her clients, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs to be successful in their businesses through social media. 

Do you want to level up your social media presence? Listen in and learn how Rachel Pedersen became her own boss and have the “real” freedom. 

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Get to know the Social Media Queen — Mrs. Pedersen (00:55)
  • The “accidental” Social Media Manager (02:30)
  • Worldwide viral sensation (03:26)
  • Leaving her 9-5’s (06:40)
  • There’s no such thing as dream clients (07:49)
  • Freedom of being the boss (9:50)
  • 2 Comma Club Award, anyone? (11:40)
  • Tips on how to be successful on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (15:20)
  • Why I love LinkedIn (20:32)
  • What you might not know about Rachel Pedersen (24:12)
  • Must know to keep your business growing and in full circle (26.12)
  • Support for aspiring Social Media Strategist (27:23)

Where can I find out more?

Learn more about the content discussed in this episode:

You can visit the website of Rachel at https://rachelpedersen.com/

When did this episode air?

July 1, 2019