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Portia Jackson

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The secret to happiness and wealth is fulfillment. But many entrepreneurs are neither wealthy nor fulfilled. This is because they spend all their time building their business rather than building wealth through their business.

As entrepreneurs, we work hard to offer something to the world, but we get caught up in the business that we forget that the business is there to help us to support our lifestyles. 

Entrepreneurship is essentially a wealth creation tool, and a means to create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about.

In this week’s episode, I have on Portia Jackson. She helps entrepreneurs create a personalized system to build wealth and design their dream lifestyle.

From an Engineer to an Entrepreneur

Portia has a Ph.D. in Engineering from the best school in the world, but she has a passion for helping business owners create wealth and fulfillment.

Her unique background in both engineering and entrepreneurship makes what usually is a boring topic fun and easy to follow. She makes it relatable to entrepreneurs because she understands their struggles.

Aligning your Finances with your Personality

Her approach to building wealth and fulfillment aligns your money with your personality using the Enneagram Test.

The personality test helps you customize your plans according to your personality and perspective of the world.

As you’ll hear Portia explain in this episode, this is important because true wealth and fulfillment is not about a specific dollar amount but giving meaning to your business profits.

Tune in to this week’s episode to get a fresh perspective on building wealth through our businesses and finding fulfillment. 

Key Takeaways

  • Portia Jackson -from an engineer to an entrepreneur (01:04)
  • Wealthy and fulfilled (04:04)
  • How entrepreneurs can use business to create wealth (05:21)
  • Where entrepreneurs make mistakes in creating wealth (06:54)
  • Intuitive and data-driven financial decisions (12:13)
  • Personalized wealth building systems (14:57)
  • Design your dream lifestyle (16:49)
  • Know thy numbers (19:16)
  • Frisky Finance – finding financial intimacy in relationships (22:17)
  • What’s on Portia’s personal bucket list (23:28)

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