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Nicholas Bayerle

What was this episode about?

This week, Nicholas Bayerle shares his journey from broke carpet cleaner to a successful entrepreneur and leader. 

Nicholas grew up in an entrepreneurial family but really discovered the spark within himself after realizing he would have to redefine what it means to be a businessman. After getting married and dealing with a failing business, Nicholas was at a complete loss. He decided to at least do something to push himself forward, so he committed to and health and lost over sixty pounds. 

That health journey taught him that being a businessman is about so much more than just being good at business. It is truly a journey of personal development. 

Nicholas shares how he made the shift in his own life and his advice for fellow entrepreneurs ready to commit to themselves. A big part of his success has come from focusing on the areas in life he isn’t good at and understanding that we determine our success. 

Be sure to tune into this week’s episode for some great insights to take on your own entrepreneurial path!

Key Takeaways

  • The moment Nicholas realized he was an entrepreneur (02:00)
  • Changing the definition of what it means to be a businessman (06:05)
  • Why you should look at the things you aren’t good at (12:00)
  • We assign the value that determines our success (15:10)
  • The number one thing people struggle with (19:00)
  • Nicholas’ story of momentum (24:05)
  • An item on his personal bucket list to accomplish over the next year (26:00)

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