Who is it?

Mia Shark from Shark Life Media


What was this episode about?

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to Mia Shark, a serial entrepreneur and the queen of marketing in the restricted industry space. They will dive into how she got started in this, seeming, difficult niche, and how she has become one of the go-to people in just a short amount of time.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Leaving the 9 to 5 to start a business (01:49)
  • Going into the restricted space (02:30)
  • Overcoming obstacles in marketing and business (07:33)
  • Dealing with the different business challenges in the restricted space (09:57)
  • Mia’s book (11:05)
  • Venturing into entrepreneurship (12:34)
  • Mia’s online courses (16:54)

Where can I find out more?

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When did this episode air?

March 25, 2019