Who is it?

Matt Deseno

What was this episode about? 

Today on the show, I am excited and honored to have one of my good and dearest friends, Matt Deseno. He is a mentor of mine and a successful entrepreneur.

He is the founder of many successful and award-winning marketing businesses. He helps businesses market in a more people-focused way. 

When he’s not working on the businesses, he teaches marketing at Pepperdine University and teaches other marketing agency owners how they created a software company to triple the agency’s profitability.

In addition, he is a leader in the SaaS landscape, helping entrepreneurs build and scale their SaaS businesses without making the same mistakes others made.

Having seen the power of a network for entrepreneurs, Matt is trying to create a community of people who want to build a successful SaaS business without all the trials and errors. This will definitely shortcut their way to success by learning from all the industry experts.

In this episode, he shares his journey to building his businesses and the important lessons he has picked along the way.

Tune in!

Key Takeaways

  • When did Matt first realize he was an entrepreneur (01:41)
  • Shifting from a freelancer to an entrepreneur (03:18)
  • The first time Matt hit a wall (09:06)
  • Choosing short-term pain for long-term stability (15:26)
  • Lessons from building a team (17:44)
  • The power of a network and community (23:38)
  • Advice for people looking for mentors (25:28)
  • Saas Launch Live (28:46)

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