Who is it?

Marcos Moura


What was this episode about?

Welcome to another episode of BizNinja Entrepreneur Radio. In this episode, I spoke to Marcos Moura, who is co-founder of a home care business called Modest Senior Care. He talks about his entrepreneurial journey up to his current success and is dropping some knowledge bombs!


The goal of Marcos Moura’s current business is to help seniors thrive. They started in 2007 and since then have expanded to 125 locations across the United States. Becoming a franchise wasn’t a part of their original plan. Through a series of trials, they found that they were increasingly capable of growing their business to be larger than they ever imagined. 


Marcos has picked up a lot of valuable lessons throughout his journey that he is sharing with us today. Marcos shares his journey from losing everything in 2008 to growing a highly profitable senior care franchise. He shares the importance of really refining your ideal customer as a crucial step to success as well as the value of viewing franchises in a similar light to coaching programs.


This episode holds plenty of nuggets of wisdom. Check it out!


Key Takeaways


  • The evolution of Marcos Moura homecare business (1:18)
  • How they got into franchising (3:00)
  • When Marcos realized he was an entrepreneur (5:30)
  • Losing everything in 2008 (7:00)
  • Why being apart of a failing company was such an interesting experience  (9:00)
  • Some of the mistakes they learned from (11:45)
  • How franchises are like a coaching program (14:00)
  • What do successful franchises have in common? (16:00)
  • Finding an outreach approach that works (21:10)
  • Business goals going forward (24:00)



When did this episode air?

July 13, 2020