Who is it?

Mara Smith

What was this episode about? 

Growing up, Mara Smith didn’t ever think about being an entrepreneur. She always dreamt of being a Supreme Court Justice, a position someone holds for life. A secure and stable position is quite the opposite of what entrepreneurship entails.

She went on to study law and became an attorney in Chicago for a large law firm, followed by stints in a Fortune 500 company and later at Mcdonald’s.

It was here that the entrepreneurial bug bit her, and she started looking for franchise opportunities.

All this came to a screeching halt when she was put on emergency bed rest as she was expecting her twins.

After taking care of her preemie twins, she sought ways to reenter the work and decided to start her own company.

Having been a tequila drinker all through her life, she was looking for a clean, gluten-free, sugar-free spirit that fit her active lifestyle.

There was none in the market, and that’s where she came in.

She went to work studying the spirit industry and testing more what mindful consumers were looking for in tequila.

Her company Inspiro Tequila is redefining the spirits industry by bringing in a female perspective in a male-dominated industry.

Check it out!

Key Takeaways

  • When Mara first realized she was an entrepreneur (01:27)
  • The idea behind a tequila business (04:37)
  • Major hurdles she had to overcome (07:32)
  • Staying true to your vision despite the challenges (10:50)
  • Work-life blend (11:17)
  • Getting one thing done well every day (11:34)
  • Marketing and keeping a product in the stores (15:12)
  • Advice for entrepreneurs starting a consumable product business (19:11)
  • Importance of community and support systems for entrepreneurs (20:52)
  • What’s on Mara’s personal bucket list (25:11)

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