Who is it?

Lauren Anderson

What was this episode about? 

Growing up, Lauren Anderson knew she always wanted to be in a creative career. She ended up in the graphic design field, where she would put on her creative hat.

However, life took a different turn when she had a baby with a serious medical condition. Her son underwent his first open-heart surgery at just a week old. Lauren had to leave her graphic design job to become a full-time caregiver for him and her other children.

Needing an outlet for joy and creativity in her life, she turned to cookies.

Due to her passion for baking and decorating cookies, she was able to perfect her skills so well that she began sharing her knowledge with others through online courses.

She remarkably navigated the world of online marketing and funnel creation on her first attempt to build a solid business.

Her cookie training empire has grown in leaps and bounds to reach thousands of people, which has been very profitable for her.

But as we all know, entrepreneurship is not all smooth sailing. There are numerous challenges of growth, and sometimes the only option is to quit some things to focus on others.

Tune in ūüéß to this episode to hear Lauren’s incredible journey, how she had dealt with the challenges, and her future plans for Lolly’s Cookie Camp.

Key Takeaways

  • The moment Lauren realized she was an entrepreneur (01:38)
  • What Lolly’s Cookie Camp is all about (03:08)
  • Pivoting from in-person to online cookie classes (08:10)
  • Being profitable after just two weeks (11:22)
  • Why you have to quit some things in business (14:27)
  • How to deal with entrepreneur overwhelm (21:25)
  • The next big goal for Lolly’s Home Kitchen (23:34)
  • What’s on Lauren’s bucket list (25:57)

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