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LaToya Russell

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For many people quitting a corporate job is a very scary thing to do. Even when the job drains and sucks the life out of them, they are afraid to take the plunge.

This is understandable as corporate wages may seem like a form of security. Quitting may seem like taking a massive step into the unknown.

But according to my guest today, it doesn’t have to be this scary, and here’s why…

The online world provides many opportunities for people to set up their own businesses and offer their skills and experience as online service providers.

And before you say you don’t have online experience, remember the same skills and experience you used in the corporate job are transferable to the online business.

Only that you are now in more control of your income levels and working hours.

LaToya runs her business from her home country of Barbados. She went from hustling between three jobs to running her virtual empire from home.

Interested in quitting your 9-5? LaToya can help. Interested in hiring a VA? LaToya can help.

Tune in to learn how!

Key Takeaways

From a hustler to an entrepreneur (01:18)

What it means to quit a corporate job (05:35)

Common mistakes online service providers should avoid (07:44)

Why should someone quit corporate? (09:45)

Challenges of transitioning from a corporate job to self-employed (11:25)

How to systematize your online business (14:51)

Building your confidence to get your first online client (19:05)

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