Who is it?

Kri Gentile


What was this episode about?

In this episode, Kri Gentile joins us to talk about branding, being a creative, and the importance of having a consistent and meaningful brand as an entrepreneur and business owner. 

Kri has always been in the entrepreneurial space. She grew up in a family of wedding photographers and honed her skills at a young age. Once in college, she decided to marry her love of photography with her newfound interest in design. 

She is the founder of Kriativ Co, a creative agency that helps business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants create brand identities that stand apart. Brand identity is the cornerstone of any business. A strong one efficiently communicates the mission, energy, and core values a company stands for. To enhance brand awareness, she now spends her days helping others cultivate a culture around their brand. Kri shares the most common mistakes she sees entrepreneurs make and her own experiences starting a company. 

Tune in as we uncover the misconceptions she held as an entrepreneur and how she deals with clients objecting to her pricing structure and the mindset required to make it as a business owner. 


Key Takeaways


  • The first time Kri realized she was an entrepreneur (1:34)
  • Why it’s important to have a brand identity (4:11)
  • The number one mistake that many experts make with their branding (6:30)
  • How to build a brand culture (9:15)
  • What Kri thought would be easy when she started her business (12:40)
  • How to handle price objections (17:50)
  • The biggest piece of advice for those who want to be an entrepreneur (20:00)
  • One major item on her bucket list that she’s going to achieve in the next 12 months (26:06)



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Find Kri here 


When did this episode air?

August 31, 2020