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Kri Gentile


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It is important for every entrepreneur to have a brand identity. This is the personality of your business. Everything that you do as a business is part of your brand. Brand identity is the way a business communicates to the world what it stands for. 

We explore the components of a good brand identity. Branding is not all about logos, colors, and taglines. It is much more than that. Your brand is what people say you are when you leave the room. 

Your brand communicates in your absence. People should be able to understand your business by looking at your brand. This is why you never ignore developing your brand identity. This is how the business prospers and grows. 

Many creatives struggle as entrepreneurs. They fail to shift their mindset from being a creative to being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is about providing solutions to problems people face. Tune in to learn more about brand identity and many more fascinating insights on entrepreneurship. 

Key Takeaways

  • Why it is important to have a brand identity (03:56)
  • Components of a good brand identity (04:53)
  • Why your brand is much more than colors, logos, and taglines. It is what people say you are (07:04)
  • Building  brand culture, following, and presence (08:51)
  • Narrowing your focus to target the right client for your business (12:44)
  • Communicating clearly through your brand (18:19)
  •  How creatives can succeed in business as entrepreneurs (19:49)
  •  Looking at things through a business perspective and problem-solving lens (22:51)

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May 4, 2020