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Chad Mellen

What was this episode about? 

If you are a frequent traveler, especially if you take your work with you, you know that having multiple bags can be hectic. Everywhere you go, you find travelers juggling bags, phones, travel documents, etc.

Our guest this week thought found his hands full with multiple bags on a trip to Costa Rica. 

He initially thought he needed more hands but realized that what he needed was a versatile bag that could do everything while also leaving his hands free to hold a coffee, a phone, or a child’s hand.

He went to the market and didn’t find one… that’s what inspired Chad Mellen, Founder, and CEO of Knack Inc., to create the concept of a “One Bag Life” and the Knack Bag.

This expandable backpack effectively combines a business bag and a duffel bag into one airline-compliant luggage.

Overcoming Manufacturing Obstacles

But just like any other entrepreneur, the journey was not straightforward. In fact, it took him three years, from idea to prototype to the first sale.

He initially wanted all the manufacturing done in the US but quickly found this to be a challenge. He had to look for other options in Asia to bring his product to life.

But the wait was worth the while, with the initial inventory selling out.

Tune in to listen to his story and the powerful guiding principle that has seen his company grow tremendously.

Key Takeaways

  • Transitioning from corporate to the entrepreneurial world (01:15)
  • Overcoming manufacturing obstacles (10:20)
  • From Idea to prototype to first sale (11:25)
  • Direct to consumer marketing strategy (12:30)
  • Assembling a team to bring a product to life (17:29)
  • Going and above and beyond for customers (20:22)
  • Knack Bags big goals (24:34)

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