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Jordan West

What was this episode about?

This week, I talked to Jordan West of Little & Lively. He and his wife have built a highly successful apparel brand through a unique way of leveraging gated launches and VIP groups to generate massive sales and turn customers into brand advocates.

Jordan shares the strategy behind their incredible success and offers an illustration of the difference between a ‘typical’ sales day and the kind of numbers they were able to produce with their personalized marketing methods. 

This isn’t his first rodeo in the entrepreneurial space, and he attributes that to his ability to excel in this new family business. We talk about what he’s learned throughout his time as a business owner and what lessons he holds most dear. 

Jordan and I also touch on what has been some of the biggest challenges they’ve had to face and what advice he offers to those looking to break into the apparel industry. 


Key Takeaways

  • The strategy behind their successful brand (02:00)
  • A normal day of sales in comparison to their quick success (05:10)
  • The number one thing he’s learned from owning a restaurant (07:45)
  • The idea behind Little and Lively (10:40)
  • One of the biggest challenges he had to face in the early days of business (15:00)
  • A piece of advice for those looking to get into the apparel business (19:35)
  • What’s on his personal bucket list this year (25:50)


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When did this episode air?

February 1, 2021