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Jeff Rosenblum

What was this episode about? 

Jeff Rosenblum is the co-founder of the agency Questus and has seen the evolution of advertising. In his most recent book, EXPONENTIAL: Transform Your Brand by Empowering Instead of Interrupting, he reveals the secrets of how iconic brands win new customers and build armies of evangelists.

For a long time, advertising has bombarded consumers and interrupted them with ‘clever’ ads through 30-second spots.

However, this no longer works; the modern consumer sees right through that. 

That’s why 80% of Super Bowl ads dont work.

Today’s advertisement is all about meaningful storytelling that inspires audiences, enriches communities, and energizes people. It’s about creating content that answers people’s questions.

This new way of marketing creates brand evangelists who are 12 times more trusted as ads. The more evangelists you have, the fewer ads you need.

In this episode, Tyler and Jeff show how brands can move away from interruptions to meaningful content that empowers people and drives exponential growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Transforming your brand by empowering, not interrupting (00:00)
  • How to create brand evangelist and why it matters (05:08)
  • Why 80% of Super Bowl ads don’t work (06:32)
  • Answering people’s questions through advertising (08:21)
  • Brands are defined by behavior- how to communicate your behavior (10:03)
  • How company culture impacts marketing (11:55)
  • Marketing is all about value exchange (17:22)
  • Customer service is the new advertising (18:50)

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