Who is it?

Ira Gostin

What was this episode about? 

Ira Gostin is a storyteller. Even before he got into the marketing world, he used to tell stories through his photojournalist career for the Associated Press.

He believes that effectively communicating your brand story is the key to success for any entrepreneur.  

Shifting from Advertising to Storytelling

Human beings love stories, and everyone is up for a good story anytime, anywhere. Successful marketers have long known this fact to appeal to audiences.

That explains why movies, tabloids, gossip magazines are quite popular.

Through stories, we are able to relate to the world around us. A good story will make people relate to your product in a deeper emotional way.

How to Tell your Story

Telling your story is not as hard as you might think…with some planning, it is possible to pull it off, especially with all the tools and platforms we have available today.

The core of your storytelling has to be focused on your customers and how your product will meet their needs. This ensures that your story resonates with them and their aspirations.

Gostin gives us some cool strategies and examples of brands using storytelling to reach their audiences and how you can apply it.

And being a veteran of the marketing and agency world, Gostin has a few nuggets of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers.

Join us as we look at ways entrepreneurs can effectively communicate their brand stories.

Key Takeaways

  • Ira’s entrepreneurial journey (01:07)
  • 3 things entrepreneurs must have (03:47)
  • How to tell your story (06:51)
  • Marketing should be about your customer (08:37)
  • The secret to succeeding in marketing (12:54)
  • Complacency will absolutely kill the entrepreneur (13:14)
  • Steeping back from the entrepreneurial world to gain experience (17:44)
  • What’s on Ira’s personal bucket list (22:42)

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