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Christian Ruth

What was this episode about?

MySureFit is dressing up the dressing room. They’ve made it possible to never have to deal with something you order online not fitting right ever again. MySureFit makes sure you get the right fit the first time, and Christian Ruth has been helping tens of thousands of customers since he founded the company in 2012.

This week, Christian is on the show to discuss his innovative business idea and how he’s managed to successfully scale. We talk about the moment he first realized he was an entrepreneur and the catalyst for deciding to go out on his own to build his business. 

He shares the process for the conception and build of the business and how he stayed motivated throughout the process. We talk about the balance of focusing on the consumer while building relationships with apparel companies and what he considers to be his first big win.

And finally, we cover what’s on his personal bucket list when he isn’t working! Christian was a wealth of insight when it comes to scaling such a creative business idea, and I know you’ll find a lot of value in what he has to say.

Tune in!

Key Takeaways

  • First realizing he is an entrepreneur (01:20)
  • Why he decided to go out on his own (03:20)
  • How to build something great (06:20)
  • How he’s stayed motivated starting a business (08:25)
  • The idea behind his business (09:45)
  • Focusing on the consumer (14:20)
  • The first big win (18:50)
  • Scaling the business (23:30)
  • What’s on his personal bucket list (26:40)


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February 15, 2021