Who is it?

Mike McDerment

What was this episode about? 

Mike McDerment founded FreshBooks.com because he saw the need for a better solution to invoicing clients. In this episode, he shares the importance of culture and values in growing a global powerhouse.

Company culture is a loose concept that is not easy to precisely describe, but according to Mike, it is the difference between a successful company and one that is destined to ebb away. It is the X-factor that gets stuff done.

Culture is the invisible thing in any company. It is what you do when no one is looking. You may ask why this is important to the success of an organization, but as Mike explains in this episode, it really impacts all aspects of the company.

To cultivate a strong company culture, you have to start by figuring out what your values are. These values then serve as the reference point to guide the behavior of everybody in the team.

Tune in to learn why culture is so valuable to a company and how to cultivate it and sustain it as you scale.

Key Takeaways

  • Mike’s entrepreneurial journey and early lessons (01:15)
  • Why culture is the X-factor that determines the success of a business (08:23)
  • Actively cultivating culture in an organization (10:12)
  • How Mike handled imposter syndrome (12:03)
  • Handling the capital needs of a growing tech company (15:19)
  • The leading indicator of what will happen next to a company (21:16)
  • Mistakes Mike has made along the way (21:54)
  • Personal growth secrets for entrepreneurs (23:37)
  • What’s on Mike’s bucket list (25:44)

Additional Resources

Find out more about Mike and Freshbooks at: https://www.freshbooks.com/

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