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Greg Hoffman

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In this week’s episode of BizNinja Entrepreneur Radio, I chat with Greg Hoffman, founder of Apogee Digital Marketing Agency and an affiliate marketing expert.

As an entrepreneur, it is a good idea to use affiliates to reach new audiences and help sell your product. But Greg reckons that many brands launch their affiliate programs way too early or have unrealistic expectations.

So, when is the right time for a brand to get into affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is not a silver bullet that will magically jumpstart your sales. It is a way to enhance your existing sales.

If your website doesn’t convert well, you shouldn’t be thinking about affiliate marketing. You should be working on other areas such as SEO, landing pages, and paid search to create traction.  

Once you have some traction, then it’s time to launch your program and find the RIGHT affiliates for your product.

Join us in this informative discussion and learn how entrepreneurs can leverage the power of affiliate marketing to widen their customer base and the pitfalls to avoid.

Key Takeaways

  • Who is a good affiliate (04:33)
  • How successful brands can leverage affiliate marketing (06:49)
  • Biggest challenges for Greg as he grew Apogee agency (12:25)
  • Common affiliate marketing mistakes and how to avoid them (17:56)
  • Managing expectations; affiliate marketing takes time (19:02)
  • What is the future of PR and affiliate marketing (23:11)
  • What’s‌ ‌on‌ ‌Greg’s‌ ‌bucket‌ ‌list‌ ‌(25:55)‌‌

Additional Resources

Learn more: https://apogeeagency.com/about-us/greg-hoffman/

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