Who is it?

Gary Brackett, NFL Super Bowl champ turned entrepreneur


What was this episode about?

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to Gary Brackett, a former Indianapolis Colts football player, Super Bowl champion, and the owner/operator of the Stacked Pickle, a popular restaurant/sports bar where people dine and watch games.

Building and expanding the restaurant has been a passion for him since he retired from the Colts, and he comes on to talk about that and how the transition from run-stopper to super successful restaurant owner was like. We will dive into how he has made the transition and what skills he learned in the NFL that set him up for entrepreneurial success.


Key Topics Discussed:


  • From pro athlete to entrepreneur (01:04)
  • The tenacity to stay optimistic in the face of uncertainties and challenges (03:12)
  • Playing from the neck up (03:57)
  • Growing and franchising Stacked Pickle (07:40)
  • Legendary customer service (09:22)
  • 10 year business growth plans (11:29)
  • Overcoming adversity and keeping the “Act as If” mindset(15:30)
  • Keeping the legacy alive with the Impact Foundation (18:06)
  • Working hard with intent (21:49)
  • Hardwork beats talent (29:44)


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Stacked Pickle


When did this episode air?

May 27, 2019